Custom Designed Homes – Unparalleled Service – Accurate Pricing

“Building a custom home should be one of your most enjoyable and gratifying experiences from start to finish- a defining moment in your life where you are able to work hand in hand with a professional to design and build a home tailored to your individual lifestyle, routines, desires, and dreams.”  Darrell L. Hostetler, President

Hostetler & Son Builders, Inc. is a humble custom design-build company that has served Stark, Summit, and Portage Counties for three generations. In the past we’ve built between five and ten homes a year with many of our clients finding us through the commendations of our previous clients. We’ve also found a lot of our projects are for recurring clients. We believe our success as a company through these word of mouth recommendations and repeat customers has been possible because of our unique business practices and our extensive devotion to our client’s happiness. Our focus as a homebuilder is on the fulfillment of our client’s needs and desires, the enjoyment of the building process, and their satisfaction with their custom home for many years to come. We achieve this through our innovative approaches to design, pricing, building, and service. In the upcoming years we will be focusing on careful and responsible expansion of our life’s work because we firmly believe more buyers deserve the unique homebuilding experience our family has spent three generations refining.

What Distinguishes Us

If you’ve been researching companies to build your new home, you might’ve found that northeastern Ohio has several hundred homebuilders to choose from, making the task of selecting the right company seem almost impossible. How can you possibly choose a builder that meets your needs and earns your trust? That is exactly why we at Hostetler & Son Builders, Inc. have made the process easier and more enjoyable for you by outlining exactly what attributes make our company unique and successful.


A Note on Custom Homebuilding

What characteristics must a homebuilder possess to be considered a “custom” builder?

Over the past decade many builders have declared status as a custom homebuilder because they’ve found that their clients want a home specifically tailored to fit their lifestyles and individual tastes. In an attempt to meet these demands many builders have designed a small collection of stock floor plans that they feel support the “average” American lifestyle and market them as custom.

Hostetler & Son Builders, Inc. realizes that while these homebuilders meet the needs of many people, their still exists a large number of clients that have set their expectations higher when building a custom home. We understand that many of our potential clients need a unique design and want a particular style of home that doesn’t quite fit into the mold of the “average” American lifestyle. After all aren’t uniqueness, individuality, and personalization just attributes of the so called “average” American’s way of life?

At Hostetler & Son Builders, Inc. we specialize in working with clients that can’t quite find a floor plan, architectural styling, or “standard features” package that suites them. With our powerful computer based architectural design program we design homes based on your needs and desires. During our initial meeting

Our sales staff are very knowledgeable in our computer based design and pricing programs giving them the freedom and ability to make design and pricing changes during our meetings with you.

We are a true custom homebuilder.      

Pricing Policy

- We don’t charge excessive prices for upgrades after you sign a contract

- We give you a custom quote based on what you say you need in your new home, not based on a stripped down list of standard feature

- Should a custom home be more expensive?? By designing a home unique to your needs it makes your home more cost effective and maximizes your expenditures by doing away with the features you don’t need and replacing them with features you do!!